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Little Hands,

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By harnessing this connection through play, we're fostering future environmental stewards while actively combating pollution, fighting climate change, and creating a brighter future for our city.


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Oogubi is proud to partner with Hunter Pence's Healthy Planet Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating a cleaner, greener Bay Area. 5% of ticket sales to Oogubi Wonderland support Healthy Planet Project. 


Together, we're stepping up to the plate for our environment by empowering our youngest community members to become nature's allies through the POWER of PLAY.

Our focus? Children ages 2+, who have an innate connection to nature. 

"Mother Nature has no hands, so she needs ours to help keep her clean."

- Laura Engel, Founder

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Guided by educators from nature-based preschool Little Forest Explorers, our approach turns playtime into meaningful action.


We're showing that children ages 2+ have an incredible capacity to understand and care for the environment - that their little hands can make a BIG IMPACT on our planet.

Want to see your future environmentalist in action?


Join us on July 20th for a Family Plant & Play Summer Service Event. Spots are limited, so act fast!

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