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Not your ordinary "play date." 

Pop-up Schedule

Discover the Oogubi Vibe at our Sensory Play Pop-ups where learning meets play, exploration is encouraged, and families can connect in a unique, supportive, and nurturing environment.

Choose a date. Experience the Vibe.  

As busy parents and caregivers, we are constantly looking for new things to do to meet the developmental needs of our little ones. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and we forget about our own needs. But what if we could have the best of both worlds?


Introducing Sensory Play Pop-ups, the solution for modern parents seeking a break while nurturing their children's curiosity and development. 


We bring engaging, unstructured sensory play for the children, so you can socialize and supervise from a distance while the children learn through collaborative play. 


Reserve a spot and experience a refreshing way to spend time your child. Invite family and friends to meet up, or enjoy some quiet time to yourself. Either way, the kids have fun!

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