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A Mini Sensory Theme Park

A Sensory Wonderland,
Designed to Meet the Magic
of Our Children's Imagination.

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Imagine a theme park built by parents, guided by child development experts, and inspired by the imaginations of our children.

Where you can experience tranquility, knowing your children are not just safe, but thriving in an emotionally regulated and stimulating environment.

Where the attractions are designed to engage developing minds for hours, build foundations of creativity, and foster collaboration in children of all ages.

A theme park where
your head doesn’t need to be on a swivel. Where you get to reclaim your peace, find community, and rediscover the joy in watching your child’s imagination light up.

A theme park where the culinary experience includes exclusive discounts at a
variety of food trucks and a beer/wine garden, easing you into an outing the entire family can enjoy.

This is Oogubi Wonderland. Our version of a Mini Sensory Theme Park designed specifically for parents with young children.


We are unleashing the magic of sensory to create the ideal setting to unwind, connect, and socialize, all while the children explore, create, and learn.

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