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About Oogubi

Our Mission

At Oogubi, we're on a mission to redefine family entertainment. By pioneering Sensory Play Production, we uniquely blend child entertainment, child development, and parental leisure.


At the heart of Oogubi is a Vibe, released by the magic of sensory play, the joy of discovery, and the essence of connection. Discover a world where your family's joy, unity, and growth are our priority.

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Our Values

Oogubi's bubble logo. five interlocking bubbles.

Embracing the diversity and uniqueness of every family.

Our Journey

In the midst of a fast-paced digital era and a pandemic that has tested the limits of society, Oogubi emerged out of a modern mother's necessity. With three active toddlers, the need to retain her sense of self while fostering empathy and emotional understanding in her children became a pressing task.


Today's parents are operating in a world unlike any before. Understanding that our children are growing up in a future shaped by artificial intelligence, it has become more important than ever to equip them with the emotional tools to navigate this evolving landscape. The challenge lies in developing these tools ourselves to even begin modeling them for our children, and fostering an environment that allows us to “press pause” to enjoy shared moments and let true connection take place.


In this context, she discovered the enchanting world of sensory play. A simple yet potent approach that captivated children's attention, nurtured their creativity, and provided a calming influence. Yet, the benefits seemed confined to the four walls of the home, constrained by the setup and range of activities.


Intrigued by the potential of sensory play, she decided to push its boundaries, transforming it from a homebound activity into a 'sensory play production.' A new space for her toddlers that broadened their engagement, encouraged their focus, and contributed to emotional regulation. This change wasn't just for her family - she began inviting friends, and as she watched their children find the same calm engagement as her own, she realized sensory play's potential reached far beyond her living room.


Thus, through embracing the messiness of the journey and learning through trial and error, Oogubi was born. More than a brand, Oogubi embodies a unique vibe - a vibrant, sensory-themed atmosphere that celebrates the energy and curiosity of children while providing parents with a peaceful, social space.


Oogubi is a testament to the enduring power of love, the beauty of childhood, and the importance of emotional learning. It's about providing today's parents and children with a space to breathe, connect, and nurture empathy. Because at the heart of Oogubi, it's about celebrating the present while preparing for a promising future.

Join us and experience what sensory play can do for you! 

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